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        The industry application of our products

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        Purpose: to realize automatic to paste on the label, on the peripheral products, automatic labeling functions;
        Function: improve the efficiency of product attached with a stick mark, attached with a location accurate, good quality, high stability; Avoid artificial labeling inefficient, attached with a skew, a series of problems such as uneven thickness of glue and fold, effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce labeling the human cost, improve the product identification and beautiful degree, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products.
        Scope of application: suitable for any industry production including bottled, packaged, the material such as plastic packaging:
        Apply labels: paper label (paste);
        Applicable products: requirements on the circumference of a circle paste label attached to the product;
        Application industry: widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, wine and other industries;
        Applications: fireworks on paste label, paste on the beer label, paste on pesticide bottle labeling, etc.



        Contact Us

        Contact: Mr Chen / Mr  Lin
        Tel: 13923999803 / 13802407368
        Mobile: 13802407368
        E-mail: 416869213@qq.com
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