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        The classification of the labeling machine

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        Product types are divided into linear labeling machine, and rotary labeling machine.
        Main categories are: automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine, automatic bedroom round bottle labeling machine, fully automatic corner labeling machine, fully automatic labeling machine, red wine flat labeling machine, fully automatic flat line labeling, marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, bilateral unilateral labeling machine, semi-automatic flat labeling machine, semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine, etc.
        According to the different way of adhesive coating, can be divided into the non-drying label machine, paste labeling machine (paste on the labeling machine, glue labeling machine) and hot melt glue labeling machine a few classes.
        According to the degree of automation, can be divided into manual labeling machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic.
        According to the different labeling functions, can be divided into flat labeling machine, double-sided labeling machine, labeling machine side and circular labeling machine.
        These products can complete plane paste, packaging are single or multiple surface paste, cylinder paste, partial or full coverage cylinder paste, sag and marginal parts of paste and so on



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