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        Chaozhou Dongsheng mechanical equipment Co., Ltd,which is the professinonal production of Hot-melt film label equipment,Dongsheng Machinery Factory is an enterprise focusing on valve design,sales,production,service Its customers are mainly manufacturers of soft drinks and strong liquor, It includes food, hobby industry and chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries  Products are applied to the domestic  Enterprises.Such as :Evergrande Spring ,Mount Laoshan The equipment is exported to Philippines, Thailand, Egypt and other countries.
                            1、Hot melt roll linear labeling machine
                                  Rotary volume hot melt adhesive film labeling machine
                                  Horizontal hot-melt film labeling machine
                            2、Non-dry sticker labeling machine


        About Us


        Contact Us

        Contact: Mr Chen / Mr  Lin
        Tel: 13923999803 / 13802407368
        Mobile: 13802407368
        E-mail: 416869213@qq.com
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